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What is Simple Beacon?

Our “Beacons” transmit a personalized message and website link to everyone around it with an Android smartphone or tablet. They are perfect for Real Estate Professionals for use in a variety of ways!

Put one in a listing so passers-by can get a link to your listing’s virtual tour. Keep one in your pocket so everyone around can view your unique selling proposition. Put some in your farm area to notify neighbors of your expertise in the area. Bring one to your open house to direct potential Buyers to an electronic sign-in sheet. Simple Beacon was created by Real Estate Brokers with the needs of Real Estate Professionals in mind.

Our messages show up as Nearby notifications* on a smartphone with a customized message as well as a link to a website including Facebook Pages and Youtube videos.

You can easily control one or multiple Beacons through our easy web interface.

*No App required, just Bluetooth and Location Services enabled!

How are REALTORS® using Simple Beacon?

Sam H.
"I buy your beacons for a single reason... To book more listings. I pride myself on being at the forefront of technology and these definitely are. My clients love them and I pretty much have not lost a listing since I added them to my listing presentation.
Matt S.
"I put a Simple Beacon at the front door of all of my listings. Then, I can broadcast a direct link to my listing's virtual tour to anyone who walks or drives by. This technology gives me a huge advantage over other Realtors and has allowed me to book more listings when I woo potential sellers!"
Sharon L.
"When I am not with a client I am usually working at a local coffee shop. I keep a beacon in my handbag with a link to my webpage. I have actually had people come up to me and ask how I was able to get on their phone! Perfect ice breaker!"

Where will you see Notifications?

Nearby Notifications can show up in four locations:

Sleep Screen Icon

Top Notification Bar Icon

Lock Screen Notification Bar

Pull Down Notification Menu

Frequent Questions

How does this make me money?

Reach a new and fresh market of people who are tired of “Sponsored” Facebook Ads and Google Adwords Retargeting. Impress your prospects by harnessing the leading edge of technology. Allow your current customers to quickly hear about new offers and promotions. Become the FIRST in your market niche to use Beacons!

What’s the cost per Notification?

ZERO. You purchase some of our Beacons then pay a small monthly subscription for the ability to control your Beacons. From there, 1,000 notifications or 10 notifications cost nothing. Our pricing model puts the success of your marketing campaign in your hands. We do not limit you by charging for notifications received.

How difficult is setup?

We take complicated Beacon technology and make it Simple. You receive your Beacons preconfigured. To customize your message just visit our site and enter your desired Notification information. Special Apps are not required, just set up your Beacon(s) from any internet connected computer, phone or tablet.

Ready to buy?

Choose a subscription then purchase some Beacons. Monthly subscriptions start at $29 per month and Beacons are sold individually for $19 each.

*Your e-mail contains your Premium Subscription Coupon Code 🙂

Created by KW Agents!

Simple Beacon was created by Keller Williams Agents with years of experience in high-level Real Estate production.

Matt, one of our founders, previously was the Vice President and Director of Worldwide Operations of RadioPopper, a technology company in the photography industry. He took a small company and expanded its business around the world. He now runs a successful Real Estate business in Vancouver, WA.

Feel free to contact Matt directly with any questions!

Matt Kachevas
Keller Williams Premier Partners
Mobile: 480-323-6803

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