Frequently Asked Questions

Why not Apple/iPhone/iOS?
Unfortunately, iOS restricts how a Bluetooth Beacon can interact with it. If they ever decide to work similar to an Android device we will make ourselves compatible! We like to think of it as a "glass is 63% full" sort of situation as current statistics put Android devices at 63% of the US market.
Is this legal?
The Simple Beacon platform is built upon pre-installed Google and Android Apps. When an Android user uses their device they have opted into the use of all these basic Apps, including Google Nearby. Google Nearby is what Simple Beacon connects to to display your unique info. All of this is legal, however, please follow our terms and conditions or you may run the risk of having your account terminated.
Do people get mad and think this is Spam?
This is one of our most common questions. To this date we have not received any complaints regarding our notifications being thought of as “Spam.” However, we urge all of our customers to consider the titles of their notifications. If it sounds “Spammy” it is best to choose something else. Also, anyone connected to technology is already used to seeing ads everywhere, we just provide a new and unique way to do so.
Is there a contract? An Annual Contract?
NO! Our platform charges on a month to month basis. If you ever choose to cancel you can do so and will not be charged at your next recurring billing date. You can call us to cancel OR you can do so in your online account!
How are Real Estate Agents using these?
1. Lead generator: The most obvious use of the product... have a catchy title and a call to action, convert to a lead! 2. Credibility: Use it as an excuse to reach out to your database to chat about the new technology that you are using that no one else is using. 3. Listing Prospect Conversion: For us (we were our first customers), this one was by far the best use of the technology. With the right scripts, you can show Seller prospects that you have tech that nobody else has that can advertise their home in a new way... leading to a higher conversion rate (basically fewer listings lost to other agents).
Can I update my Simple Beacons?
Yes, you can update each individual Beacon as often as you would like and as many times as you would like. Each Beacon can be configured differently as well!
How far can the Simple Beacons Transmit?
Our Simple Beacons have a range of up to 250 feet in open air. Please note that they use Bluetooth wireless technology, so going through structures/walls/etc will reduce range.
What is a Simple Beacon’s Battery Life?
You can expect to get about 2.5 years if battery life. Once the battery is exhausted you can replace it and be up and running again!